Ceramic stoneware products for the kitchen 100% made in Italy. Topgres is the top Italian manufacturer of cookware, oven dishes, tableware and homeware, in Ceramic stoneware.


Tradition and innovation in the name of high quality

This is the philosophy that has always motivated Topgres, which constantly aims to achieve the highest levels of excellence, in the belief that know-how, passion, creativity, ability to renew itself and teamwork are the keys to success in providing our customers with very high quality and to win the global competition.

Topgres, always committed to enhancing and passing on the tradition and specific knowledge of ancient crafts, believes in innovation and in the ability to research and experiment with new design systems and new production models, with the aim of giving continuity to their work and offer training opportunities to new generations.




Handmade products made in Italy

Italy is the home par excellence of artistic craftsmanship, the high quality of design and product innovation; characteristics that have contributed to making Made in Italy a renowned brand recognized all over the world.

Topgres stands out as a true ambassador of Made in Italy, thanks to its artisan and artistic experience, developed and rooted in the course of 50 years of experience. In Topgres, Italian manufacturing is a precious resource to draw on in order to compete in ever wider and more competitive markets, to bring out the dynamics of aesthetics and the renowned Italian taste.


A bit of history...

The history of the company begins in 1972 in Postioma, where Gino Dalle Crode started the production of high quality and handcrafted table ceramics; following the contraction of the ceramic market in the early 1980s, Dalle Crode decided to replace the pottery used in the production of its products with a material hitherto used exclusively in the flooring sector: stoneware.

It is at this moment that the company of Gino Dalle Crode takes the name of Topgres, a brand now known nationally thanks to quality products unique in their ilk, as they are made exclusively by artisans.

Emanuele and Daniele Dalle Crode, who entered the operational management of the family business together with their founding father, continue to design new ideas, to enrich the catalogue with new collections and to technologically innovate the production process while preserving the principles of craftsmanship; the planning of new commercial strategies assumes a fundamental role, as they are necessary to consolidate and spread Italian quality, design and craftsmanship, peculiar to the Topgres brand, both in the Italian and foreign markets.