Cooking collection

Cooking collection

The new Cooking Collection has been designed to facilitate the saving of time and working in the kitchen. With Flameware of Top Gres you can use a single article to make many different dishes, which with the conventional metal cookware would not be possible.

This is because the stoneware Flameware can go in the microwave, be used in the stove (gas, electric. Ceramic) or in the oven as well as bringed directly to the table. If you wish to store your food in the freezer or refrigerator, top stoneware Cooking does not fear cold weather and you can use it as a container. Flameware is completely covered with non-stick material, its cleaning is extremely easy both in the washing by hand or in the case of use of the dishwasher.

The high quality of raw materials used for the realization of these articles makes them durable, providing an aspect almost unchanged even after prolonged use. Flameware is available in various colors, and allows combinations to any suitable type of environment.

Flameware meets the most strict technical specifications at worldwide level for materials in contact with food.

Are you missing any pieces from this collection?

Due to our artisanal production we are able to maintain each line for up to ten years, allowing the customer to expand its table service or replace damaged pieces.