Cooking Gres

Cooking gres

Cooking stoneware is a line of products in glazed stoneware, 100% made in Italy

The Cooking Gres line, entirely produced in Italy, is made of glazed porcelain, a type of ceramic made up of natural components fired at 1200 ° free of chemicals and heavy metals; these characteristics guarantee resistance to scratches, impacts and thermal shock, being practical and usable on any type of heat source.

The ideal product for healthy cooking

The Cooking Gres line is the ideal solution for cooking any type of food; its capability of absorbing heat and distributing it evenly allows the ingredients to maintain their chemical composition and their nutritional properties unaltered, for a healthier and tastier cuisine.

Cooking Gres is only made of natural components and does not contain any metal such as lead, nickel or cadmium, thus avoiding any possibility of food contamination and making the pots and pans of the line suitable against any type of intolerance or allergy to heavy metals.

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I vantaggi delle pentole in ceramica gres

Assenza certificata di metalli pesanti

Trattengono il calore, per una cottura sana e delicata

Resistenti a shock termico, ai graffi e all’usura

Materiali naturali, a bassa porosità

Risparmio energetico, grazie al lento rilascio di calore

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