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Induction pans: how do they work?

In recent years, the search for sustainability and energy savings within the home has also affected the kitchen and, more precisely, the hob: we are talking about the induction hob.

The induction hob uses a series of coils powered by electricity, placed under ceramic glass; the magnetic field generated by these coils generates heat which, in turn, is transferred to the "induction cookware" placed on the stove top. All these features lead to a series of advantages:

  1. reduction of energy consumption, due to  replacing gas with electricity;
  2. speed up cooking times, thanks to the use of specific induction cookware for this type of hob;
  3. more precise cooking, thanks to the power regulators that allow you to adjust the heat level quickly and easily;
  4. greater safety, thanks to the control devices integrated in the induction pots, for example, the hob cools quickly when cooking is finished, as well as turning it off if it boils over.

The different structure of the hob, totally flat and made of ceramic glass, requires specific pots, pans and grills, or more precisely, "induction pots", "induction pans", or "induction grills"; for this reason Topgres has decided to make its skills and experience available to serve this new type of market, offering pots, pans and grills suitable for cooking on induction plates.

The Topgres Cooking Gres line, induction pots, grills and pans are the ideal solution for cooking any type of food on induction hobs; their high capability of absorbing heat and distributing it evenly, deriving from the specific treatment to which they are subjected during manufacture, allows the nutritional properties of the ingredients to remain unaltered: the best "tool" for a healthier and tastier cuisine even on more modern induction surfaces.

The induction pots, pans and grills made by Topgres are composed of totally natural components and free from harmful metals, characteristics that make the Topgres induction pots, pans and grills suitable for any type of intolerance and allergy to them.