Natural Cooking

The natural cooking system for taste and health.
The cookware produced by Topgres, made of ceramic stoneware, is the best answer to the need to cook food in a "healthy and natural" way, thanks to a series of features that make these pots and pans unique in their ilk.

Uniform cooking, healthy flavour

The stoneware pots, pans and casseroles have a high capability of absorbing heat in a "soft" way and then transfering it slowly to food, distributing it evenly.

The cooking products made by Topgres keep the chemical composition and the nutritional properties of the food unchanged, thus preserving the natural flavour of the food intact and ensuring a tastier and healthier cuisine.



Eco-sustainable pots and pans

For its decorated and coloured collections, Topgres uses non-toxic enamels and decorations, respecting all the strict legal regulations relating to products for cooking food with a wide margin of safety.

Our pots and pans are totally free of PFOA and heavy metals: a characteristic that certifies the natural origin of ceramic stoneware, used in the production of all our items.