Norway flame clay collection

Norway flame clay

The Norway Flame Clay line of dishes is inspired by the colours of the beaches on the island of Jan Mayen in Norway. In fact, the collection has a black glaze reminiscent of the wonderful volcanic beaches of Jan Mayen.

The black of the volcanic beaches, the resistance of Terra da Fuoco

A fundamental characteristic of this line of products is the possibility of also using them over a  direct flame; the Norway Flame Clay collection is ideal for slow and uniform cooking of any food, perfect for maintaining and enhancing the flavours of any recipe.

The Norway Flame Clay collection is made with a mixture of particular clays, Terra da Fuoco clay: a very hard and resistant material, usable in the dishwasher, refrigerator, freezer, induction, direct flame, microwave and oven up to 250 ° C.

Each piece is strictly hand made by expert craftsmen.


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